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Passenger - Cheap, Fast and Comfortable

We offer comprehensive services for the carriage of people comfortable and air-conditioned cars. Organizing a company trip, a conference, a school trip, a trip to the mountains or ski, we have experience in the transportation of all kinds of groups.

Quick transfer from / to airport
We offer transfers for individuals and groups.

We provide transportation from the hotels, guesthouses Zakopane and the surrounding area, among others, Białka Tatrzanska, Bukowina Tatrzańska Poronin, Murzasichle at the airport and reception with luggage from airports.

We specialize in a comfortable carriage, ensure the safety and punctuality.

Transfer from / to the airport:

- Krakow-Balice
- Pyrzowice
- Warszawa-Okecie
- Rzeszów-Jasionka
- Radom-Sadków
- Slovakia Poprad-Tatry, Letisko Košice
- and other...

Private transfer from Krakow Balice and Pyrzowice airports to Zakopane

Day trips
We offer tours: Rafting on the Dunajec, Morskie Oko, Krakow Old Town and surroundings, Zator - Miniature Parks and Dinosaur Salt Mine in Wieliczka, Oswiecim - Auschwitz, SLOVAKIA (Tatralandia, Bešeňová, Oravice, etc.), HUNGARY (Budapest, Eger, etc .), Czech Republic - Prague

We offer a shuttle to the most popular places in Podhale and Slovakia.

We offer full service wedding and shuttle guests day before and after the wedding for example. From the airport. We specialize in a comfortable carriage, ensure the safety and punctuality

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